2016/2017 Classroom Reveal

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tomorrow's the big day that I get to meet my kiddos and their parents!  I am so excited to see who they are and their sweet faces as they enter their school home.  I'm also excited that I finally got it all back together.  For a minute, I did not think it was going to happen.  There are still a few minor things to finish, but for the most part, my room is done and ready for 3rd graders!  

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Interesting Article

Sunday, June 19, 2016

This is an interesting article.  As parents we do not realize we are creating entitled children.   We are so consumed with making them happy that we forget to teach them right from wrong and to let them fall and fail.   You are NOT a bad parent for letting them make mistakes and fail.   In fact,  you are a great parent for letting them make mistakes.   How are they going to learn or grow into successful adults if they've never learned skills and strategies to overcome or cope with mistakes or failure?  A child that is not entitled is a much better adult than an entitled adult.  It starts now, parents, not later! 

Teacher Appreciation Week

Friday, May 6, 2016

I wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to my parents this year for spoiling me!  From an Alex and Ani bracelet, candles, sweet notes from my students, to a beautiful wooden sign, I have felt the love this week!  Thank you for making me feel special!
I also wanted to thank our school's PTO for an amazing week of lunch, sweets, and an awesome custom made apron.   Your hard work and wonderful gifts are greatly appreciated!

STEAM WEEK 2015-2016

We had an adventurous week, last week, in D108!  Students spent the week applying Newtons Laws of Motion by creating roller coasters from pipe insulation.  Students went from the "there's-no-way-this-is-going-to-work" stage to the "this-is-amazing-that-we-built-this" stage.  It was fascinating to watch the process!  I am so proud of my kiddos for persevering through this process, regardless of the frustrations, challenging ideas, and sometimes lack of patience.  They work hard and worked together to problem solve throughout the entire process.  

To successfully pass this challenge, students had to create a freestanding and stable roller coaster that was at least 6 feet long and contained at least 2 loops, 1 camel back, 1 whirlybird, and any additional maneuver of their choice.  Additionally, the marble (aka "the passengers") had to travel through the entire roller coaster without falling out.  

I am happy to announce that all students mastered this challenge and all "passengers" arrived at the finish point safely!

SPRING BREAK 2015-2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break is here!!!  I'm so glad that we all finally made it.  Not because we need a break from school, but because there are so many things to get caught up on here at home and at school.  I started my break off with cleaning out my closet.  My husband was practically jumping up and down.  He can actually walk in the closet and not trip over shoes.  I ended up bagging up 3 very large black trash bags full of clothing and 4 plastic containers of shoes to donate to the homeless shelter and shelter for women and children. I think I actually have about 200 empty hangers now and that is not an exaggeration!  LOL

My next task is to upload all the pictures of the kiddos that I have neglected to upload.  We've been so busy the past month with standardized testing and CCRSM training's, that I neglected to post these awesome pictures.  So, sit back and enjoy!




Lego Racers

Saturday, February 27, 2016

I think I was very lazy in February!!  I usually try to post weekly to my blog, but I did not post in February, at all!!  I promise, lots of learning took place.

For Science this month, we focused on forces and motion.  Using the STEAM process, students designed and built Lego racers, that were powered by air (balloon).  They incorporated DoDEA science and CCRSM math standards into this project.   

This was a lot of fun and very educational.  Students quickly learned that their designs had to be re-engineered, in order for the balloon to stay attached while it was propelling the racer.  Even when they became frustrated, they persevered and did not give up.  

video   video
video video