Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 14, 2014

We had so much fun sharing Valentine's today.  I love all the Valentine's Bags that were brought in.  Your child put a lot of thought and effort into creating a fun bag.  I regret that I did not take pictures of the bags.  I simply did  not get a chance to do it.  If you have any pictures of your child's bag, please email them to me, so I can post them here.  

We began our afternoon with using Conversation Hearts to write notes to Mom or Dad.  I've attached a few.  The class really enjoyed this.  Took them a few minutes to figure out what to say and to include the wording on the hearts, but once they thought it through, the letters came out perfectly!!  Hopefully you have enjoyed reading your "love" note today when your child came home.

To exchange bags, we sat in a circle and each child began with the bag they made and brought in.  I read the students a story about the "Right" family.  The "Right Family" left many times to prepare for their Valentine's Celebration.  Even their dog "Left" got involved.  After many rights and lefts, your child ended up with a bag from another student.  They opened their bag to find goodies inside.  After our bag swap, we exchanged Valentine's cards and then enjoyed goodies you sent in.  

To end our fun-filled, fantastic day, I surprised the class with a Block Party.  We ended our day dancing to Just Dance or having computer time.  It was a wild and crazy time in the classroom and we were all sad when dismissal time came. I took a few pictures to share with you.  

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Jump Rope for Heart!!

We had a very busy day today!!  Along with your Valentine's Celebration we had Jump Rope for Heart!  I'm so extremely proud of how hard each student worked today while jumping.  I jumped for about 30 minutes (off and on between taking pictures) and was completely exhausted.  It was a lot of fun and the class enjoyed every minute of it.  I've attached pictures of the students jumping.

Another snowday!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Well, here we are again with another snow day!!  According to the weatherman, tomorrow might not be much better.  CLDS has not made an official call about Wednesday, but it's not looking too good. So, when we do return to school this week, I will modify all student class work to allow for the snow days and the 100th Day of School on Thursday, AND our class Valentine's Celebration on Friday.  We will figure out a way to work it all out!! 
Stay warm and enjoy these added days off!!