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Thursday, January 26, 2017

I've updated and added additional links,in the right hand sidebar area of this page, for the websites that we use the most in the classroom.  Think Central is for our math program and Pearson is for our reading program.  You can access your child's account and follow their progress on assessments.  I sent home a paper, a few months ago, with your child's username and password. If you do not have that page, your child should be able to log you in.  They all know their information and how to log in.  

In Think Central, please be aware that any assignments that have the word "pretest" in them, are not counted as a grade.  Pretest are used to guide my instruction and identify the areas we need to focus the most on. Grades are given on Posttest and Mid Chapter Checkpoint Quizzes.  

In Pearson, all assessments are counted as a grade. The unit and weekly assessments are to measure your child's comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar on our reading stories.  We listen to the story together and discuss, twice each week.  Students are also assigned listening to the story during station rotations.  Students are also allowed to use their reading textbook to answer each test question.  It is my expectation that students score within 80-100% on these assessments, based on the amount of time spent reading and discussing the stories and students using the text to support them.

Classroom Facebook Page

The classroom Facebook page is up and running!  I am pleased to say that 7 out of 16 parents have friended the page.  I am still waiting on a few parents to accept their Friend Request, if they chose.  I have the setting set to very private, so you may not see a Friend Request button at the top.  If that happens, please email me at school or text me through Remind and I will adjust the settings to accept your request and then turn the privacy settings back on.  I hope you enjoy the page!