Sunday, June 7, 2015

I keep seeing Osmo's on Pinterest, so today I decided to see what it was.  I'm sitting here, before church, looking crazy, because I'm super excited about this (my husband is not as excited!  LOL).  

Even though I do not have any school owned IPad's, I have been thinking about bringing my IPad to school for my kiddos to use.  With an Osmo, I can do that.  They would absolutely love it and the educational benefits are amazing.  I especially love the Tangram game that comes with it, because we teach Tangrams in Geometry.  
Best part, if I buy one, I can gift one to any teacher in the school.  For $79.00, that's not bad.  How awesome that the creators are willing to donate one free one to a school of your choice, just to help teachers out.  

What a great gift this would be!!  I better start saving now!