STEAM -Day 1

Monday, April 15, 2013

What a great first day back to teaching!  My student intern completed her full time teaching last Friday, so today was my official first day teaching all subjects with my kiddos.  I have so missed being up and about with my kiddos. 

Today also is the start of STEAM Week.  Third graders are learning about Newtons Laws of Motion and will begin constructing pipe insulation roller coasters on Wednesday.  I cannot wait to watch them brainstorm and work together to create their coasters.  I have such an amazing group of kiddos, so I'm positive my coasters are going to be fabulous and the students will learn so much from this week.  Pictures are definitely coming! 

We are still in the  process of working on Flat Nassar, with STEAM Week we are running a little bit behind, but rest assured, Flat Nassar presentations are coming soon!!