December Calendar and Newsletter

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I have uploaded the December Specials/PLC Calendar and the December Newsletter.  Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

Election Process

Saturday, November 19, 2016

In the month of October, students began working on a Project Based Learning (PBL) activity for the 2016 Presidential Election.  The objective of the PBL was for students to learn how to become informed voters.  Students began the PBL by learning about the 3 Branches of Government, the roles and responsibilities of each branch, and what groups made up each branch.  This was a vital part of the PBL, since students would spend time researching and participating in activities related to the Executive and Legislative Branch.  

Students spent the month learning about the history of the Republican and Democrat Parties, the candidates for each party, the biographies for each candidate and how each candidate felt about issues related to our country.  Students researched the issues of Economy, Defense, Taxes, Education, and Healthcare and compared each candidates views.  

Using Close Reading strategies, research skills, graphing activities, and technology, students were able to develop an understanding of each candidate.  From that point, we spent time learning about the difference between a popular vote and the Electoral College.  

To wrap up the Election Process PBL, students participated in a mock election on November 8th. Each student casts their vote on a private paper ballot.  Results were tallied, with the entire grade level present, and the result were 21 votes for Hillary Clinton and 28 votes for Donald Trump. Using those numbers students created a bar graph to compare their votes.  On Wednesday, November 9th, students used a U.S. map and recorded the number of Electoral Votes per state and then colored in how each state voted.  

Spending time working with students on this PBL was so rewarding.  Students were able to discuss issues and concerns with each other and with their families.  I even had a few parents that mentioned their child informed them that they were voting for the wrong candidate.  When they questioned their child as to why they thought that, the student was able to inform them based off of the information they learned through this PBL. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures below.  There are a lot of them!