Santa Came Early!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Santa came early for 3rd Grade Teachers this year!!  We have been blessed with all new furniture and reading comprehension materials. Santa is sending his elves to help put everything together.  The elves won't be here until December 10th, so in the meantime, I am packing up the classroom.  The photos below show what our beautiful room looks like right now.  On Tuesday, the elves arrive to deliver and put everything together.  Wednesday and Thursday, I will be back in the room unwrapping all the fantastic reading presents Santa is leaving me.  I will also be putting the room back together so that on Friday, December 13th the kiddos can come back to our room.  It's been a huge change for all of us, but the kiddos are doing a great job in our temporary room.  I'm so proud of them.  Thank you, Santa, for caring about what 3rd graders learn and for giving us the materials to make things even more exciting to learn with.