Friday, October 31, 2014

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful, cool weather!!  Sitting inside, looking out at how gorgeous it is, makes me so jealous!!  :)

Next week we are starting multiplication.  In addition to strategies taught in our 3rd grade math curriculum, I use an additional program called "Multiplication in 7 Days".  I have used this program for about 5 years and have had great success with students mastering their multiplication facts.  Memorization of multiplication facts is not required as part of our 3rd grade math standards, however, we find it useful for them to know for this school year and future school years. 

Homework next week will be in printed form.  Each day your child will come home with a list of multiplication facts to learn.  Please only focus on the facts listed on the page.  Students will still have their daily math lesson, that will support strategies to help them with multiplication (repeated addition, arrays, etc.).  Before the lesson each morning, students will be quizzed on the facts they studied the night before.  The facts are broken down into small groups.  After the 7 days, students should have grasped multiplication using memorization and additional strategies taught through the daily math lesson.

I will post each day's facts on the blog, but please do not have your child work ahead.  It is important for them to learn these in the order the program suggest.  The goal is not to work ahead, but rather to master the given facts.