About Me

In as few words as possible, I am a Marine Corps wife, mother, teacher, native Texan, daughter and sister.

  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Maryland 
  • Masters of Education in Educational Technology from Northern Arizona University
I have taught 15 years for Department of Defense Schools, both here at Camp Lejeune and overseas in Okinawa.  I have taught 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade. 

Third Grade is, by far, my favorite grade to teach.  I love to watch the transition from primary age to intermediate as the student progresses through the year.  It's a big year for 3rd graders, with lots of changes both physically and academically.   Not only do they grow a lot physically, but they transition from being a "little kid" to being one of the "big kids".  It's fun to watch, as a teacher, but terrifying for most parents!  Hang in there, we will get through it together!  

I have been married for 28 years to my favorite Marine, in the whole wide world!  Marwan is my rock and my best friend.  He is retired now, after 24 years on active duty, but continues to work on base in the same capacity he did as an active duty Marine.  He is a Christian immigrant from Beirut, Lebanon.  He moved to the states when he was 18 years old to attend college.  He joined the Marine Corps shortly after, and became a citizen when he was 28 years old. He had already been on active duty when he became a citizen.  We have a house in Beirut, which we usually visit during the summer, however, the past couple of summers have not been safe to travel there, so we have stayed put.  Maybe next summer!  It is a beautiful country.
We have 3 children: Greg, Shane, and Ashley.  Greg and Shane live in Oklahoma, near their mother.  Our daughter, Ashley, is 26 years old.  She was the only child of the 3 that was born and raised in the Marine Corps.  She attended DoDEA schools from 2nd grade through her sophomore year in high school.  She is a product of DoDEA schools and a perfect example of how amazing/successful military children AND DoDEA students are.  She resides in Greensboro, North Carolina, where she owns her own web design firm, Nassar Web Designs, LLC.  She took her Computer Science degree and put it to good use and after 3 years decided she could utilize her time by owning her own firm.  She is not married (yet), but does have a fur baby named Lilly.  She is the best grand puppy in the world!

Birthday: September 2         Anniversary: 11/18/88          Initials: LRN
  • Professional Sports Team:  Dallas Cowboys
  • College Sports Team: Texas Tech University
  • Color: I love all colors
  • Soft Drink: Coke-regular 
  • Starbucks Drink: White Chocolate Mocha, no whip!
  • Bookstore:  Barnes and Nobles
  • Hobbies: spending time with family and reading
  • Holiday: definitely Christmas
  • Music: country
  • Candle Scent: anything vanilla 
  • Store: Hobby Lobby and Target


  1. Your daughter is very pretty just like you mrs nassaar she looks like a model

    1. Thank you! As her mother, I think she's beautiful, too!

    2. from taylore to ms nassar you are the bast techr in the wrd

  2. shes so pretty tell her that-Anjelina Johnson

    1. I will certainly tell her that you said that, Lina!

  3. aperl is the moth of my b-day. this week was fun

  4. you look funny in that sneach costoom!

  5. your kid is butiful

  6. dose lina still talk here

  7. Hi I was wondering if you could or already have an explanation of your Read Beads. It looks like an awesome idea and I would love to integrate it into my classroom this year will be my first year teaching and I know reading is the foundation of any grade---Thanks so much

    1. Hi Tabbi,
      Our school uses Scholastic Reading Counts to assess students comprehension on books or stories read. When students take a test and pass it the program awards them with points. Students earn 1 bead for every 2 points they earn. The beads hang all year and then go home at the end of the year. For my struggling readers I award 1 bead for 1 point earned. The kiddos love it and not only challenge each other, but encourage each other to read more. Hope that helps.