2016/2017 Classroom Reveal

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tomorrow's the big day that I get to meet my kiddos and their parents!  I am so excited to see who they are and their sweet faces as they enter their school home.  I'm also excited that I finally got it all back together.  For a minute, I did not think it was going to happen.  There are still a few minor things to finish, but for the most part, my room is done and ready for 3rd graders!  

I hope you enjoy the pictures!


  1. Ahh! I found your page through a website analytics search I did and I think it's so adorable! You did so great matching our background with a cute banner and adding text and other cute images! Do you mind if I take a screenshot of your blog and post it on our facebook page? Thanks! Ashley from The Cutest Blog on the Block

    1. Not at all! I would consider that an honor. Thank you for providing wonderful backgrounds that make classroom pages more inviting to view. My kiddos love looking at the blog and often make comments about the backgrounds. Thank you, again!